"Working fields" - Residenz des dt. Botschafters in London


Hier bekommen Sie Impressionen zu meiner Ausstellung "working fields" sowie den Text der Eröffnungsrede des deutschen Botschafters in London, Dr. Peter Ammon.



Eröffnungsrede des deutschen Botschafters Dr. Peter Ammon, London:


"Excellencies, My Lords, L&G,




It gives my wife Marliese and me great pleasure to welcome you tonight at the opening of a new exhibition of contemporary art at 34 Belgrave Square.




Actually, since our arrival in London in 2014, this is already the fifth in a series of exhibitions of contemporary artists from the UK and Germany, each of which has had its own Leitmotiv, be it the view across the iron curtain or the perspective of women artists on today’s rapidly changing world.




Today’s event showcases the works of Wolfgang Hunecke, who hails from the former West-German capital Bonn, and who is honouring us with his presence today.


As you have seen, his paintings and sculptures reveal very different sources of inspiration.




Like William Turner before him, he has been fascinated by the ragged rocks of the Siebengebirge, a Rheinland landscape that continues to surprise visitors today through the variety of its colours.



Then there is the abstracted depiction of human faces in profile made of ice-cold steel over severely reduced, sometimes torso-like symbols of the remaining human figure, that seem totally detached from their location and time.




And finally, in what Wolfgang Hunecke calls his third working field, is the inspiration drawn from centuries-old Indian drawings during his years spent in Nicaragua. There, in the town of Granada, he helped to set up the Graphic Studio at The Casa de los Tres Mundos, an educational center for young artists from Central America.


L&G, the artist Wolfgang Hunecke stands for a multitude of intriguing experiences and viewpoints, which are best told in the artistic language of the paintings and sculptures themselves.


I hope you could enjoy his works as well as food and drink.


Dessert will be served at 22 Belgrave Square, a short walk across the street, where more of Wolfgang Hunecke`s works will be on display – and there will be an opportunity to see a demonstration of some of his techniques. Some of you may even want to join in and produce a print to take home with you.


Welcome again, and please enjoy the “Working Fields” of Wolfgang Hunecke."


             London, den 14.01.2016